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Which Bouncepad Tablet Enclosure or iPad Kiosk is Best for Me?


The Bouncepad USA and Canada Pro range - high specification iPad Kiosk & tablet holders

No two tablet projects are the same, and the same rules apply for the needs of your business or that of your client’s.

So it should come as no surprise that the recipe for a successful tablet rollout does not include a one-size-fits all approach.

A high-grade tablet enclosure and iPad kiosk boils down to three primary factors: functionality, security, and design.

Designed and engineered with this in mind, Bouncepad provides the widest range of mounting, movement and feature access options, for every type of installation environment.

Before you make a purchase, it’s important to consider which of the following is most important to your project:


The Bouncepad Original range offers ultimate configurability with mounting options for desk, floor and wall surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of 8 & 10” Apple, Android and Windows tablets, the original range lets you customise access to device features as well as adding branding and colour. Explore Original Options


The Bouncepad Sumo is our toughest tablet kiosk, built for the most challenging and high-traffic environments. Designed with aerospace-grade alloys, wide mounting points and robust hardware components, Sumo maximises uptime and minimises downtime. This desk mounted tablet kiosk supports a selection of 10” Apple, Android and Windows devices. Explore Sumo Options


The Bouncepad Luna, a secure dock ‘n’ charge system lets you use one device for both mobile and fixed scenarios, switching from secure self-service point to handheld selling tool with the tap of a RFID fob. Luna suits busy service environments where staff need to use tablets on the move. Compatible with iPad Air 1 & 2. Explore Luna Options


Choosing your Bouncepad Original configuration

Every Bouncepad Original tablet enclosure is built to order using our modular system to create the ideal configuration. To find your perfect fit give some thought to the following:

What type of surface do you want to mount to?


Whether you’re installing around existing fixtures or creating custom-made furniture, we offer a number of mounting options for your tablet kiosk. View Bouncepad Original options for: Wall mounting / Desk mounting / Floor standing / Rail mounting

Don’t want to drill? You can add a freestanding base to any desk-mounted Original model, or choose a freestanding option such as the Bouncepad Flip or Lounge.

How will users interact with your content?


Will users need to switch between portrait or landscape apps, share the screen with friends, or adjust the screen angle? If so, you may wish to consider adding movement to your installation with our tilt, rotate or switch extras.

You can also choose a model designed with mobility in mind, such as the Flip for screen sharing, Flex for full range movement, and the handheld Lounge with tethered cable.

Do you need access to tablet features?


Bouncepad Original tablet enclosures can be configured to encase everything but the screen, or offer secure access to specific tablet features.  As standard, you can choose to either cover or expose the home button and front facing camera.

To add sound and vision to your installation you can add an audio port or rear facing camera access.

You can also attach a magnetic strip card reader for payment, loyalty or membership apps, as well as add a custom chip & pin cradle for your mobile card reader.


Does your Bouncepad need to blend in with your brand or make a bold impression?

Tie the Bouncepad into your design scheme, or make it stand out with our custom colour service. To add a logo or call to action to your Bouncepad, consider faceplate branding. Or, fix a branding board to a Bouncepad Floorstanding to make sure it gets noticed in a crowd.



Configuring your Bouncepad Sumo

Strong yet beautiful, Bouncepad Sumo is designed to stand its ground in busy environments like quick service restaurants, malls, children’s play areas and airports – allowing businesses to confidently use tablets in high-traffic areas without resorting to a clunky, ruggedized kit.

Does your content require your tablets to move?

ipad-stand-secure-flexible-movement-bouncepad-sumoSwitch on Sumo’s rotating stalk feature if you would like users to share the screen and play a game together, for example.

Will users be changing between portrait and landscape content? If so, enable the screen switch feature.

Do you need access to tablet features?

Select a ‘closed’ faceplate to prevent customers from accessing the tablet home button or front facing camera, or chose the ‘open’ option to allow access for staff.



Configuring your Luna System

Whether you are a national retail brand using tablets across multiple departments and stores, or an independent pop-up shop, the Luna system adapts to the service requirements of your space. Here are some hints to help you build your system:

How does staff move around your environment?

Service doesn’t stand still. Create additional secure docking points around your store for staff on the move by adding extra docks to your installation. A dock by the service counter and one by the fitting room allows quick and easy access for staff moving between those locations.  You can also add non-locking docks to back office areas for overnight storage and charging.

How many people need access to your tablets?


If multiple staff members need to unlock your tablets, you will need additional smart fobs. You can also add extra cases to your installation if you want to equip more team members with tablets.

Do you need access to tablet features?

Select a ‘closed’ faceplate to prevent customers from accessing the tablet home button or front facing camera when your iPad is docked, or choose the ‘open’ option to allow access for staff.

As standard, Luna includes an external audio port to plug in headphones or speakers. It also has a push-through power button to allow you to ‘wake up’ your tablet without removing your tablet from the case. You can disable this feature if you want to lock down access.


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