Ready for retail

"Always great service from Bouncepad, in addition to great quality! We've been a customer for years now, since their outset and they never fail. Good quality and highly innovative! Thank you!" - Amanda H, Trustpilot review

Seamless self-service

"When we were looking to revolutionise our guest service systems with tablet-ordering... Bouncepad’s desk-mounted tablet holders were ideal." - Neil Sebba, Finance Director, Tossed

Marvelous for management

“It has transformed the visitor experience. Visitor satisfaction surveys as well as spontaneous comments show the excellent impression that Proxyclick and Bouncepad leave, making a visit to Greencore a memorable experience” - Costas Moraitis, IT Business Relationship Manager, Greencore Group

Innovative for independents

“It doesn’t take up a great chunk of space and it looks minimalist. We spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about that because we have this beautiful natural stone top. The last thing I wanted to do was clutter it down with loads of hardware. ” – Christopher Thompson, Co-founder and Owner, Jefferson’s Ice Cream

Engaging at events

"Bouncepad were chosen for the project not only for their sleek design which mirrored the overall desk design, but also the robust build quality, this was especially important as they would be in constant use from the public." - Mark Robinson, Director, WALL

Perfect for pop-ups

“It was the sleek design that matched our concept, also there was no plug outlet for overnight charging, so the mobile charging option was great. Overall it was a very positive experience; sleek design, excellent external charging option and quick delivery.” – Tanalee Learning, Retail Procurement Manager, DECIEM

Turning tablets into amazing business tools

Bouncepad are market leaders in tablet accessories designed exclusively for business use. Bouncepad products are useful, durable and beautiful, making them a design leader in their space and an integral part of digital transformation projects.


By listening to, and designing around our clients needs, our products strike an effective balance of form and function.


Our products are easy to compare and purchase, quick to deliver, and simple to implement.


Put our products to work right away, with noticeable impact that creates lasting change.

Perfect for...
well, everybody

In shops, hotels, gallery and office spaces – Bouncepad products put the iPad on the frontline; queue busting, self-service, product information, visitor guidance, guest check-in, or meeting room booking... the possibilities for simplifying and improving business are endless.

our best sellers


£155 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Wallmount is a low profile solution for vertical surfaces and walls, presenting content at eye level.


£245 ex vat

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The elegant Bouncepad Floorstanding commands attention, the ultimate standalone tablet display for temporary and permanent installations.


£195 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Flex offers a full range of movement with a flexible stalk that lets you use the screen at any angle.


£175 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Counter is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst standing at the perfect angle for ergonomic interaction.


£155 ex vat

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Pick it up, sit it on your lap, pass it to a friend. The Bouncepad Lounge is designed for relaxed interaction and free movement. Includes 2m reinforced charging cable which is enclosed in a flexible nylon mesh for added security.


£195 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Flip sits elegantly on your counter top, the perfect solution for screen sharing and point of sale applications.


£155 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Desk lies low on your surface and is positioned at the perfect angle for effortless interaction.

Counter Flex

£215 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Counter Flex is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst offering a full range of movement for ergonomic interaction.

Counter 60

£175 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Counter 60 is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst standing at the perfect angle for ergonomic interaction.


£350 ex vat

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The strong yet beautiful tablet enclosure for high-traffic environments including quick service restaurants, malls, play areas and airports.