Big Macs & Apps: Family friendly tech puts the ‘Happy’ back in meals


McDonald's champion hassle-free family fun with playful store concept that fuses digital entertainment with dining

  • Featured products: Static 60º , Rotate , Switch
  • Client: McDonald's

At a time when eating out has become the norm rather than a treat, hospitality giant McDonald’s is pushing back with a pioneering restaurant format dedicated to putting a little magic back into family dining.

The Spirit of Family concept aims to reduce stressful moments for families and make  the eating out experience more playful. It uses smart technologies such as self-order kiosks, Bouncepad entertainment stations and interactive digital play tables to encourage a hassle-free and fun experience.

The Milton Keynes 2012 pilot featured a Browsing Bar: A bank of tablets secured inside Bouncepad tablet and iPad kiosks to offer kids and adults the chance to surf the web, play games and check their social media.iPad kiosk by Bouncepad in Mcdonalds restaurants

McDonalds prides itself on being at the forefront of customer experience led design and is an early adopter of technology, as Richard Forte, Chief Operations Officer explains:

“The Spirit of Family restaurant…provides a glimpse into how McDonald’s restaurants will continue to evolve in the future, by building on McDonald’s extensive knowledge of what both parents and children want when they eat out together as a family.”

Two years on, the Spirit of Family concept has gone global and installations can be found in locations as diverse as Jordan and New Orleans. The Bouncepad tablet stations have become a popular restaurant fixture, with over 50 users per tablet per day, and 97% of users positive about their experience*.

Bouncepad’s modular enclosure system effortlessly accommodated the varying worldwide installation environments, adapting to a range of mounting surfaces and tablet models including Samsung Galaxy Tabs and iPads. Bouncepad models used include the Static 60, a mounted product that is the ideal viewing height for those seated at a table. Movement extras were added in some locations including the Rotate feature that allows children to easily share games with other players and Switch, a function that enables content to display in either landscape or portrait.

3a34293f43990d554468f7288e182972Despite the obvious ‘fast’ nature of their food offer, McDonald’s is clearly dedicated to helping its customers to relax and enjoy the experience of eating their meal in relative peace and quiet, as Forte reflects:

“It has been a very wise investment. If you look back at our restaurants back in 2004/2005, and you look at our restaurants now, there has been a complete transformation. It has been a long journey but one worth taking.”


*Source: McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey, 2013