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Live events are an opportunity like no other for brands and prospective customers to come face to face and get to know each other a little better. But the moment can be fleeting. Successful event marketers understand that it is critical to get their story across in an instant. How can you have impact and capture customer details in order to take the relationship beyond the first encounter?

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Generate interaction

Fuelled by the evolution of digital and content-based marketing, tablets have fast become an essential for every pop-up, product launch, sponsorship suite or exhibition stand. Tablets are a great way of educating without being too pushy, especially for people who prefer to do their own research before asking for help.

Tablet kiosks are also taking the hassle and expense out of operations; replacing expensive, clunky systems for visitor registration, ticketing, lead capture, and on-the-spot selling.

Deliver content

Tablets can be used to deliver richer and expanded information about the event or the exhibition. For example, a museum can offer an interactive tour of a collection with in-depth information about the artist, videos of behind the scenes, and high-resolution images of the artwork to engage the customer.

Product demos, interactive presentations, digital catalogues, surveys and competition sign-ups can all be handled effortlessly by this consumer-friendly piece of kit.

Lead Capture

Tablets are a touchpoint where you can scan attendees’ badges, prospective customers can subscribe to your newsletter, respond to a survey or even enter a contest to win a prize. You will be capturing valuable information from your guests and draw attention into your brand and get attendees involved.

Bouncepad secure tablet and iPad kiosks

Bouncepad supports this thriving category by providing flexible, secure and beautiful ways to integrate tablets into the experiential environments. Our kiosk products for the event sector are quick and easy to install, enhance the design of your space and protect your tablet without creating a barrier between the customer and content.

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