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Tablet kiosks offer diners the opportunity to take their time to deciding what they want, as well as adding any item at their convenience, without check-ins from staff.

By adding suggestive selling (such as recommendation for a beverage or appetisers), guests are more likely to be tempted by impulse items, increase their total order amount. Self-service need not replace staff members, but help them provide better customer service. Being more available to other guests, reducing the time it takes to bring food out or clear away tables; all the little things that make for a pleasant experience.

Tablets can provide a seamless payment process when used as an POS (Point of Sale). Guests don’t need to wait for staff to bring their bill and take their payment. They can easily self-checkout by using the card carder on the tablet.



Check-out our article here about how you can install tablets in your restaurant.

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