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Spare time and spending money are precious commodities for today’s consumers. Armed with a wealth of digital tools, access to local information and reviews are widely available and influential, meaning expectations are high. In particular, customers are demanding more from leisure and hospitality businesses, and are increasingly vocal when they don’t get it. On the flip side, happy customers sharing their experiences online have become a powerful asset for brands.

Bouncepad inside a London Eye pod

This trend has fuelled a growing focus on ‘customer experience’, and tablet kiosks are taking a central role in the transformation of the industry. In hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and beyond, touch screen computers are taking on many guises. With the right piece of software, a tablet can be turned into a tour guide, virtual concierge, digital menu, internet terminal or self-service check-in point.

Having friendly greetings and interactions from staff at reception desks or elsewhere is still an essential within hospitality and leisure industries, but visitors can now also benefit from vast amounts of extra information and options made available via tablet kiosks. A quicker, more efficient service means more time for a customer to spend enjoying their experience, whether that be relaxing or thrill seeking.

Whatever role tablets play in your leisure or hospitality environment, Bouncepad believes that it is vital for them to be dressed for the occasion. Our stylish yet secure iPad and tablet enclosures are designed to turn a consumer product into a serious piece of professional kit, without compromising on looks or functionality.


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