Samsung hospital pilot lets mothers watch over babies in intensive care


Project 'BabySam' uses tablet video feeds to connect mothers with newborns in the neonatal unit at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy

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  • Client: Samsung

Through the placing of wireless cameras in the neonatal intensive care unit, newborn babies will be on live video feeds for mothers to watch via Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Babysam 1

The installation uses a mobile phone connection, meaning that mothers can watch their babies from other wards at a distance. When unable to physically be with their sick or premature baby in hospital, this will help to provide reassurance at a time of anxiety.

Alex Neil, Scottish Health Secretary commented,

“Through this innovative new technology parents will be able to view their baby and feel connected to them while they receive the vital treatment they need to get better”.

Babysam 2


These pictures show the BabySam concept preview in action with the Bouncepad Floorstanding tablet enclosure.

Bouncepad is looking forward to seeing how BabySam is received and we’re pleased to see the positive publicity the project has received so far.

View BBC’s coverage of the BabySam Project here.


With ground-breaking technology utilised in so many other areas of the healthcare system, it is a natural progression for tablets to be recognised as valuable communication tools.


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