iPad POS: A whistle stop Coffee Shop tour


Find out how these independent London coffee shops are using iPad POS systems to replace the clunky old cash register.

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The tablet-based cash register is becoming a popular choice for independent businesses as a full featured, cost effective point-of-sale system. We visited some of the most talked about independent coffee houses in London to take a look at how iPad POS kiosks are being used.

First stop was E5 Bakehouse, the artisan bakery-come-coffee shop under the railway arches at London Fields in the heart of East London. E5 Bakehouse is using the quick and secure Revel iPad POS solution to take payments, placing a coffee in your hand in no time at all. The highly customisable platform allows cashiers to add the one-off treat of the week in just a few taps.


Another major advantage of using a tablet kiosk in this type of environment is that it not only looks good, but also takes up minimum space so more of the bakery’s beautiful produce can be displayed.

Next, we swung by Shoreditch Grind, on what is now dubbed London’s Silicon Roundabout due to the density of tech start-ups in the area. A coffee shop in such a location just had to use iPads to process its payments. Aireus was the POS of choice here: with its focus on quick service restaurant management, it allowed Shoreditch Grind to serve up their extensive food menus. An additional iPad kiosk was also set up for internal communications, instantly transmitting food orders from the cashier to kitchen.


Finally, we visited a local favourite of our London team, The Fields Beneath coffee shop in Kentish Town, who also chose Revel as their point of sale system. Store manager Gavin sums up the advantages of using iPads as cash registers:

“Having the Bouncepad and Revel setup breaks off the chains for that space on the counter, previously taken up by a knackered old one trick pony.”

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The clunky cash register truly is coming to the end of its reign, as coffee shop owners and retailers alike realise the benefits of using an iPad POS system. Aside from the streamlined look and feel is the ability to manage multiple operations from payments and inventories, to customer loyalty programmes and sales reporting tools, using just one platform.

If you’re a retailer interested in replacing an old cash register or adding tablet kiosks to your customer environment, this guide to iPad POS platforms gives a simple introduction on how to choose your software provider. Alternatively, please get in touch – we can talk you through the best apps, software and hardware based on your project requirements.


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