How-to: Switching from traditional till to tablet mPOS


Deliver a richer in-store customer journey by mastering a unified commerce experience

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Switching from what you’ve always known can be intimidating – especially when it comes to something as crucial as point of sale (POS). Converting from traditional till to tablet POS brings online and offline processes together in a unified commerce experience. Enabling a faster, smoother and more user-friendly transaction.

Why should I make the switch?

Smarter Sales

Sales and payments can be made anywhere, anytime. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) gives freedom to your employees as they meet customers with absolute convenience and ease – resulting in shorter queues, less risk of real world cart abandonment and a better customer journey.

Savvy Service

Ensure your customers never leave empty handed. The flexibility of an mPOS system enables sales advisors to concentrate less on the process of payment and more on driving sales and giving customers the attention they deserve. By delivering product information to employees on the spot, mPOS systems quickly transform advisors into product experts, feeding them the information they need to make confident product suggestions, inventory assessments and the ability to order-in stock.

Simple Swap

It might seem like a big change-up but transferring from traditional till to mPOS can be easy with the right case and the right app – read our guide on the top 5 POS apps here. The user-friendly nature of tablets mean employees will intuitively know how to use them so minimal training is required. This system is also compatible with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay which are rapidly gaining popularity with consumers.

How do I get started?

Begin your transformation by finding the right enclosure for your tablet. The Bouncepad Mobi is ideal for mPOS processes. As a case that turns iPads into mobile points of sale, the the Mobi model means payment can be taken anywhere in the shop. MagTwist technology keeps the card reader securely attached to Mobi for easy access; the twist allows staff to pass the reader to the customer and snap it back magnetically to Mobi once the transaction is done.

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