Secure tablet kiosk as bendy table mount


US$ 325

The Bouncepad Bounce, the original Bouncepad iPad and tablet kiosk, is a real head turner.

Fixed to your desk or surface, its bendy stalk allows for playful interaction with your digital content, making it ideal for games and apps that rely on movement and creativity.

Users have the flexibility to move this secure iPad display stand in whichever direction they choose, whilst the robust design of the stalk means that when released your Bouncepad Bounce reliably bounces back to its starting position, keeping your installation looking neat. 

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Technical Specifications
Made for android Made for iPad
Watch it bounce.

tablet kiosk bouncepad bounce
Works hard. Plays hard.

It looks simple and feels supple, but inside the
stalk there’s a toughened metal and plastic structure that
gives your Bouncepad Bounce memory, making it as
hard-wearing as it is playful.

bouncepad bounce bendy stalk