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The Bouncepad System

Perfect for demanding environments like retail, hospitality and events, the Bouncepad system is highly versatile and adapts to a variety of tablets and mounting surfaces.
Bouncepad is beautiful form all angles

Beautiful design, from every angle

The Bouncepad is designed to look stunning regardless of the angle you approach it from. Hidden cables ensure continuous power and a streamlined finish that won’t distract from your digital content.



Robust Engineering

We love good design and build for longevity. Our in-house team of Product and Industrial Designers ensures Bouncepad is always at the forefront of quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Custom Configuration

Use sound, brand it, flex, tilt or rotate the tablet; every Bouncepad is built to order, using our modular system to create the perfect configuration for your unique needs.


Simple Installation

Bouncepads are easy to mount, allowing them to adapt to a wide variety of installation environments. Clear assembly instructions are provided with every product.


Professional Key Management

Designed with security and ease of operation in mind, all Bouncepads have a secure locking system and unique keys. We keep a record of each key fitted, meaning new Bouncepads can be built using the same key as previous orders.

Wide tablet support

We work with leading device manufacturers to create the perfect tablet kiosk, which is why both Apple and Samsung recommend Bouncepad to their corporate customers. We support a range of iOS, Windows and Android devices; view the full list of tablets.

Fast European & Worldwide deliveries

Bouncepad creates custom-built products with amazing worldwide lead times. Delivery is fast, cost effective and hassle-free. Our English, German, Spanish, French, Greek and Dutch speaking team make international business effortless. View more on shipping & lead times.

Sectors we work in

Tablets are revolutionising marketing and business operations across a diverse range of industries. Discover how innovative brands in your sector are deploying Bouncepads.

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